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Advice and evaluation needed for Biostats PhD application

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Type of Student: International Male, applying to Biostatistics Ph.D, not planning to take the GRE

Undergrad Institution: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Major(s): Actuarial Science
GPA: 3.82 


Math: Calc I, II (A+), Calc III (A), Linear Algebra (B), Mathematical Statistics I (A-), Mathematical Statistics II (A)

Master's Institution: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities                                                                                                               
Major(s): Statistics
GPA: 3.53 (major GPA should be 3.6 if disregarding some non-relevant coursework like marathon training)                                                                                                            


Theory of Statistics 1 (A-), Theory of Statistics 2 (A-), Advanced Regression Techniques (B+), Machine Learning Fundamentals (A), Introduction to Data Mining (B+), Statistical & Machine Learning (A+), Applied Statistical Methods 2 (B), Deep Learning (W), Time Series Analysis (A), Statistical Computing (B+), Honors Analysis I (TBD expected A- or A), Analysis of Categorical Data (TBD expected A- or A)

Letter of Recommendation:

1) Professor for Theory of Statistics 1 and 2

2) Professor for whom I did a summer statistical consulting, models include Poisson GLMM and rat physiology data, I also did a semester of TA under

3) Professor for time series analysis course and supervisor for my master thesis (some time series and regression research on Covid case count).

4) Professor for Analysis 1, course in progress

Work experience:

1) A summer working as a statistical consultant mentioned above (2)

2) 2 years of industry data analyst experience utilizing a lot of Python.

3) 3 months of Graduate Research Assistant building time series modeling in R for transportation data for the local government agency

4) 1.5 years of Graduate Teaching Assistant experience teaching undergrad statistical coursework.

My top schools are:

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (US NEWS 9)

Boston University (US NEWS 18)

University of Iowa (US NEWS 20)

Ohio State University (US NEWS 21) 

University of Colorado - Denver (US NEWS 26)

University of Massachusetts Amherst (US NEWS 31)

University of Southern California (US NEWS 34)

I am very insecure in my application due to my background changes insufficient mathematical courses or poor grades, I am super proficient with Python with experience in data science, NLP, and little computer vision but not sure if it helps).

Is the school I applied to far out of reach? 



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