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MDiv options... What are my chances of being accepted?


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Hello everyone,

I am currently wrapping up my final junior semester of undergrad at a smaller (roughly 1000 students) Christian University (former Bible college) and am set to graduate December of 2024. I am planning on (and excited about!) pursuing an MDiv after graduation. I am curious if anyone can offer insight on my chances of being accepted into the Mdiv programs of the following schools, as these institutions are atop my list (in no particular order):

- Duke Divinity School

- Harvard Divinity School

- Yale Divinity School

- Princeton Theological Seminary

- Vanderbilt Divinity School

- University of Chicago Divinity School

Like I said, this is my current list of schools and I'd be honored to be admitted into the Masters of Divinity program of any of these schools; I am extremely anxious about my chances of being accepted into any of these schools, so in order to gage who I am as an applicant, here is a little bit of my resumé and interests:

- 3.6 GPA ~ I expect to graduate around this number, or slightly higher.

- Double major in (1) Preaching and Church Leadership and (2) Bible and Theology.

- Two summer internships~ one at a Church and one working with a missions organization in South Asia (I will be interning at another Church this upcoming summer).

- A part of two separate "social unity/social justice" student organizations/clubs on my campus.

- I come from the evangelical nondenominational Church.

- I am interested in practical theology, theology of sexuality, ecotheology, and of course, pastoral studies. 

Obviously, this is not my full resumé, but there are a few highlights. I am confident in my writing abilities, but still fear that I may not be admitted to the schools on my list. If anyone is able to help me grasp what my chances may be with each of these schools, along with why I may/may not consider one of these particular schools, it would be greatly appreciated!



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