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Fall 2024 PhD Profile Evaluation

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Gender Male

Ethnicity : Indian

Undegrad Institution : University of Delhi (tier 2 college)

Major Economics

GPA 7.12/10 (3.6 US equivalent)

Relevant Courses 

Math/Statistics : Math Econ I (7) ,Math Econ II (8) , Statistics (7), Introductory Econometrics (8), Applied Econometrics (10) 

All grades are out of 10, the two math courses covered some linear algebra and the rest was multivariable calculus but did not have vector calculus stuff like green's theorem. The statistics course was calculus based and had random variables, hypo testing, clt and similar stuff. Econometrics was mostly regression stuff.

Graduate Institution : Indian Statistical Institute

Major Quantitative Economics ( MS in QE)

Grade 85.95/100 (For three semesters.)

Relevant Courses Math Methods (95), Statistics (95), Game Theory (91), Probability Theory (66), Econometric Methods - I (90), Game Theory - II(98), The Theory of Mechanism Design(92), Real Analysis(100), Time Series Analysis(77), Econometric Methods - II(78).

All grades are out of 100.


Second Graduate Institution : University of Washington

Major : Statistics

Grade : 3.81/4.00

Relevant Courses Statistical Inference I (B+), Design and Analysis of Experiment (A), Statistical Inference II (A), Applied Regression (A-), Database Systems (A-), Machine Learning (A), Statistical Computing (A)

General GRE : Quant(168), Verbal(158)

Research Experience: None so far.

Work Experience:  Working for one of the big four firms. My job mainly has to do with validation of credit risk models for banks(our usual clients). I generally get to work with regression models like linear regression and beta regression, additionally also with logistic regression.

I have done a personal project in which I used a boosting algorithm for a prediction problem and another in which I used deep learning to create a facial expression recognition system. I have also done the deep learning specialization on coursera. Not sure how helpful this stuff is.

The things that I worry about are that my UG institute wasn't really the best in the country, it wasn't a bad school but just wasn't amongst the top colleges, my GPA in UG is also not fabulous however I think it is still better in the relevant courses.  Will bad grade in probability theory, time series analysis and econometric methods - II be a significant factor?


LOR :   One from statistical inference I professor, one from statistical inference II professor and another from Advanced regression (ongoing class) professor. I don't expect them to be great since I don't have a rapport with the professors.


I want to apply to PhD Statistics for Fall 2024 in US. 

Can you guys please help me get some Reach, Match and Safety schools please.


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