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Undergrad student preparing to apply to Security subfield in CS looking for reality-check/evaluation (Fall 2025)



Hi people,

This is my first time here, so I apologize for any improper courtesy.

At the moment, I am a junior trying to best my profile as much as possible given the limited time at hand:


- A TOP 20 school and top 10 for CS


- 3.5 (can be 3.78 at the time of application) / 4.0 (Honors)



- CS


Research interest:

- Network/Computer Security, Anti-censorship internet measurement


Research Experience:

- (Potentially good LOR from a very reputable professor) At the lab of a reputable Professor in the field of Computer/Network Security and Anti-censorship internet measurement field during the summer.

- (Ongoing)  A semester of research experience in an IoT-related project, planned to publish at USENIX (top conference for Security).



- None (for now)



- University of Michigan

- Cornell



- Duke



- UChicago


Since I have a time constraint of about a year (with one summer), what is the best course to maximize my chance at a top program?


Thank you!


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