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Hey all,

I just got a conditional offer from LSE for their MSc Economics program. Still holding out for other PhD/MPhil programs i have applied to, but not sure how optimistic I am on those, so as each day goes by chances I go to LSE increase.

Anyone out there headed to LSE for Economics, or any other program? Any current students who can shed some light on their experiences so far?



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@Mbarcher: I also got an admission offer to LSE for MSc in Environmental Economics and Climate Change, but was unsuccessful in getting funding. I was actually debating whether to go to Columbia, in which I have an offer for MSc in Environmental Science and Policy to start this June. I did not get funding in Columbia, and since it is way more expensive, I may choose LSE instead. Both schools are very good, so the only consideration I really have is money. :( Right now, Im trying to save some moolah for my living expenses (which I understand, cost of living is very high in Lahdahn!).

@Londontown: This will be my first time to go and live in Lahdahn for about a year, any survival tips and cheap steals (lodging, food, etc) are greatly appreciated!


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Hi! I also got admitted by this programme. But I am not sure whether to take it or not. What helped you make your decision? Do you know more detailed information about it?

Got an offer today for LSE's MSc in environmental economics and climate change. I also applied to some PhD programs in the US, but after talking to someone at Princeton, I'm pretty sure I'll be accepting LSE's offer. E-mail me if you're also going to be matriculating at LSE in the fall.

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I'll be attending in the Fall for an MSc in Media and Communications.

Are there any American students who have advice on what bank to open or credit card to use? I want to avoid as many foreign transaction fees as possible! Thanks!

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Guest Worried Canadian

I just received notice of a conditional offer to the MSc in International Migration and Public Policy.

One of the conditions is an overall mark of B+ or 77. I am a student from Canada.

My GPA for this year is an 8/10 or A-. However, my CGPA (overall degree) is sitting at a 7/10 or B.

Do you think that LSE will retract my offer?

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