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Suitable school for fall 25 stat phd


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I am new to this forum and need some advise about the range of schools reasonable for my profile.

Type of student: International Asian male

Undergrad: Famous institue in my country,in math+ stat

Gpa:70%,does no follow gpa system

Grad institution:Us,not wellknown in math/stat,MS in applied math

Gpa:3.95/4 so far after 2 semesters

Grades:Grad real analysis(A+),Abstract algebra(A+),grad differential equation(A+),Complex Analysis(A+),Convex optimization(A) and few other pure math courses.

Planning to Take:Mathematical Statistics,Regression analysis,some programming stuff in Python

Research experience:Some previous experience in pure math.Currently doing a masters thesis in Neural Network/Machine learning.

Letter writers:Tenured professors,one my thesis advisor,Another I took bunch of classes with.Third one,undecided.

Given my ms degree is from a weak school,any suggestion about programs selection is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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