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PhD Statistics/Biostatistics Profile Review

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Hello, I've previously posted a similar thread in December 2023. With my junior year finished, and looking to apply this fall, I want to get a final review of my profile and my school list. 

Undergrad Institution: USNews Top 50 (one of public ivys)
Major(s): Mathematics
Minor(s): Data Science
GPA:  3.98/4.00 (Major GPA 4.0)
Type of Student: Domestic Asian Male
GRE General Test: No plan to take it
GRE Subject Test: No plan to take it
TOEFL Score: N/A
Grad Institution: None
Current Research Interests: All past works have been ML related, but I'm also interested in methodological and theoretical aspects of statistics/biostatistics. 
Research Experience:  
  • Funded summer research experience at my home institution (worked with a stats professor on building regression model for aerospace engineering problem, no pubs)
  • Funded year-long research in interdisciplinary conservation ecology project (building object detection network for wildlife monitoring and uncertainty quantification)
    • Likely result in second-author paper in non-statistics journal, but not sure if it will be done prior application deadline 
Coding Skills: 
Python, R, SQL
Other Activities or Jobs: 
  • Undergraduate TA for the following courses: two semesters of Intro to Data Science, one semester of Probability (proof-based)
  • Undergraduate TA for mathematical statistics next semester
Math/Statistics Grades:  (T - transfer credit (AP Exam), P - pass/fail)
Elementary Statistics (T)
Calc I (T)
Calc II (T)
Multivariable Calculus (A)
Linear Algebra (A)
Foundations of Math (P) -> pass/fail during covid, i hope i can remedy this with my real analysis grade
Probability and Statistics for Scientists (A)
Regression Analysis (A)
Probability Theory (A)
Mathematical Statistics (A)
Survival Analysis (A)
Real Analysis I (A) - epsilon-delta stuff
Real Analysis II (A) - intro. to measure theory (covered up to dominated convergence theorem)
Data Science:
Intro Data Science (A)
Intro CS (A)
Databases (A)
Data Visualization (A)
Applied Machine Learning (A)
Applied Data Analytics in R (A)
Plan to take:
Complex Analysis
Abstract Algebra
Statistical Learning
Programs Applying: 
Primarily statistics and biostatistics PhDs. My dream is to get into one of the top 5~15 schools in usnews, but I will be applying to mixtures of schools.
Letters of Recommendation: 
- One from a research mentor for both research experience listed above
- One from a pure math professor who taught measure theory
- One from a tenured statistics professor who taught probability theory and mathematical statistics
Here are my potential lists, and I have some worries. My plan is to apply to many reach schools and hope to get in at least one. If not, I will first pursue a masters degree (hopefully some PhD programs I apply will consider me for masters). Am i being too ambitious on the list below for PhD? If so, which schools would go along the list? 

Biostatistics PhD:

Harvard University 

Johns Hopkins University

University of Washington

University of Michigan

Columbia University

Duke University

University of Pennsylvania

UC Berkeley

University of Minnesota — Twin Cities

Statistics PhD:

Columbia University

University of Michigan

NC State

University of Wisconsin — Madison

UNC Chapel Hill

Yale University


Stanford University (MS Statistics)

University of Pennsylvania (MSE in Data Science)

Harvard University (MS Biostatistics)


Thank you so much in advance and any advice/comments will be appreciated!

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Your profile looks very strong. However, I would strongly recommend that you take the General GRE test (not the Math Subject test), only because many of the schools on that list require the GRE. You don't want your application to be discarded just because the department requires the GRE General test but you didn't submit GRE scores.

The GRE acts as more of a filter in graduate admissions, so as long as you score above 163ish on the Quantitative section, 150ish on the Verbal section, and 3ish on the Writing section, you should be in good shape. A little bit of prep/review is probably all you need to ensure you get those scores.

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