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Seeking Advice on Choosing a Country/University for PhD in Socio-Phonetics

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Hello everyone,

I recently completed my master's degree in France in empirical and comparative linguistics. My research focused on gender, trans voices, and other parameters of the voice affected by gender identity as well as societal phenomena. My master’s thesis specifically examined the fundamental frequency and formants of transgender voices using a combination of quantitative statistical analysis and anthropological qualitative analysis. I'd like to do my PhD in a similar subject around the question of gender and the voice in socio-phonetics.

As I look forward to pursuing a PhD, I'm seeking advice on choosing the right country and university that aligns with my academic and personal interests. I would greatly appreciate your insights on the following aspects:

1. Funding Opportunities: Which countries or universities are known for offering substantial funding for research in socio-phonetics or related fields? I've heard scandinavian countries are amongst the best.

2. Ease of Admission: Which institutions are relatively easier to get into for a PhD program in my field? Any tips on improving my chances would also be helpful.

3. Application Process: Are there countries or universities with simpler or more straightforward application processes for international students?

4. Living Costs: How do living costs compare across different countries or cities where I could potentially study? I have a particular interest in London (since my whole social life is there) but am open to other suggestions.

5. Work Culture: What is the academic and work culture like in various countries? I am looking for an environment that is supportive and inclusive, especially considering my research on transgender voices.

6. Overall Experience: Any personal experiences or anecdotes about studying and living in these countries would be immensely valuable.

While I am particularly interested in London due to its vibrant academic community and diverse culture, I am open to exploring other options that may align better with my research interests and personal circumstances.

Thank you in advance for your advice and recommendations!

Best regards.

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