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!!Attention to any Canadians attending school in the US or any American students who know a Canadian student!!

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Hello, I have landed myself in an unfortunate situation and am desperately looking for any help/advice/experience from any other students or past students who may be/have been in my same situation. If you know anyone who this could apply to that is not on this forum please please pass along to them. TIA!

I am going to do my best to brief. Without directly exposing my locations, I am a second year grad student from Canada who is attending a hybrid (distance/in-person) program in the US. I was originally told by the school when they accepted me that I would do one on campus practicum (same as all other students) followed by 4 off-campus practicums anywhere in the US. My husband and I are relatively mobile and he was able to score an American job offer for my first off campus practicum (SU24). We thought all was great and I left to attend on campus for SP24. Shortly after I arrived on campus they essentially informed me that their offices did not communicate and it turns out a student visa cannot accommodate off-campus practicums and I would need to return to Canada to finish my practicums. Extremely stressful and disappointing but we started game planning for what to do next. After hours of searching I found Canadian SLPs with their CCC's (required) and moved to a new city to do 2/4 practicums (which I am to complete FA24 and SP25). The final two practicums need to be medical based which has proven to be tricky in Canada if you're attending school out-of-country. I was able to get a contact at my provincial health authority who said I can do this (will have to pay for SLPs to get CCC's, but a small price to pay to solve this mess?). 

Provincial health requires contract to be signed with the student not the school, and the school says ASHA binds them to have a contract with the health authority. The school is now telling me that it won't work and I'll have to find another hospital or look in the next city over...not exactly how healthcare/population distribution works in Canada. 

I am at an absolute loss of what to do, I have spent so much time and especially money already to be halfway through a program and stuck on how to complete it. I'm sure you can imagine the toll this is taking on my little family emotionally and financially. I'm really hoping someone here has experience/advice on what to do. 

Word to the wise: when it comes to schooling, especially as a Canadian attending programs in the US, do NOT pick the cheapest option, this has now been much more expensive than some of the pricier schools that I turned down during my admissions cycle. 

Canadians applying to US schools: please please find out how many international students they've had in your program, and see if you can talk to any of them. Turns out I am one of less than 5 and when I spoke to whom I could find, their stories were hauntingly similar and didn't exactly have a happy ending. 

Thank you for reading my mess, 
Desperate SLP student

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