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Recommended PhD Programs for Men's/Gender Studies?

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Hi all,

I'm looking to apply to PhD programs in men's gender studies. I'm interested in studying the challenges they face within various classifications. For example, I've noticed distinct treatment of men in sports based on their sexual orientation, wealth (regardless of whether or not they've earned it or born into it), race, etc. As a man, I'm also interested in the mental health struggles they face, and the exogenous factors that contribute to them. I myself have experienced enormous stress keeping up with my academics and extra curricular activities, and I often find that those stressors come from some powerful sources (e.g., university boosters) and find them to be quite unreasonable if not damaging. I want to study what kind of circumstances men face regularly, and how those circumstances differ from others both within the gender and with other groups of different axes. With that said, I don't want to just study within an athletic circumstance but all circumstances. 

Of all the programs I've found focusing on gender studies, I've noticed a tilt towards women's issues (Yale, Oregon, UMass, etc). That's great, but I'd like to find groups that share my interest with resources that are meant for such focus. 

Which universities would you all recommend I apply to? 

Thank you!

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