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Do results seem to be coming in late this year?

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My sub-field is mainly 20th c. American Literature with a focus on children's lit and psychology. I applied to the American Studies track because it encompasses a lot of different things. I had loved Kenneth Kidd's research before I realized he was at UF...so it seemed like a good fit!

I'm a theatre undergrad right now with a ridiculous soft spot for Shakespeare and Renaissance theatre history...largely because there is a general disregard of personal safety on the stage. Lots of fun!

Good luck to you both! Who knows--With three different sub-fields, we may end up as a cohort.

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On 2/4/2011 at 11:23 AM, Bukharan said:

My friend described GradCafe today as Applicants Anonymous - apparently, I was refreshing the Results board and my e-mail every 5 minutes without even noticing I was doing it.

Yeah, my boyfriend has threatened to block the site on the home network so I can't look anymore. I think that would just be cruel.

And I feel like some of them are late, too. . . . I just know that I have about two more weeks before the panic attacks start.

Of course, the flip side is that I can go another day saying, "Oh, well, no one's heard yet, so at least I haven't been rejected." It will be really hard when the acceptances start getting posted, and I don't hear anything. The whole thought makes me physically ill (I'm already there mentally).

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