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Money in Academia


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Any stats on Professors salaries. How much you can expect to make if you become engineering professor after getting a PhD. Also I am trying to understand what the different types position means.i.e. Tenure, Tenure-track etc etc........

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According to indeed.com the average starting engineer professor makes $82,000 pa while a starting associate prof makes on average $70,000 pa

Tenure means that you cannot be fired without 'just cause' - usually severe misconduct. It's means job security and it's intended to give academic freedom,so that profs would be free to provide dissenting or minority views without fear of losing their jobs.

A tenure-track job means that it's possible that in the future you will get tenure. Tenure isn't given to new profs, bt if a new prof get a tenure-track job, then that means that at some point in the future (maybe after 5 years) his/her job performance and academic output (research papers, publications etc) will be reviewed to se if s/he should get tenure.

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I don't know if this is true in Engineering, but since I'm sure everyone is interested in the money in academia, I know that in the Humanities, the ranks go from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor to full Professor. You have to work your way up with time, experience, publications, etc.

An Assistant Professor in English makes somewhere in the 40k range to start, and then the salaries increase with time to the 80s or even six figures if you're a professor long enough. All ranks can be tenured and, for all intents and purposes to students, are professors - a few of them put their full rank on syllabi and stuff, but most of them just put their names (at Illinois, Champaign). Full Professors are supposed to be the eminent "experts in their fields."

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