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CMU CS PhD Fall 2011


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Which area did you apply to? To my knowledge, CSD has sent out all the admits. The open house is on Feb 25-26.

PhD in CS: AI, Robotics, OS and Dist. Systems.

PhD in Robotics: Planning Scheduling, Multi robot systems

so I have lost it. sad.gif

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Oh really? Shoot, I applied to both CS and ML and haven't heard from either of them so that means...? :(

Yeah, I applied to the same two programs, and I've given up on CMU.

Maybe I'm overly pessimistic. It would be nice if they'd send official rejections.

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I don't know if this applies to the specific programs you guys applied to but my acceptance

mail said that I would have to get back to them by the 3rd of February on whether or not I would

be attending the open house since they needed to make hotel reservations.

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