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To those already admitted to a PhD program: Did you have your M.A.?

For Those Who Have Been Admitted   

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  1. 1. Did you have your MA or MFA before being accepted to a PhD program?

    • Yes, I have or am currently working on my M.A.
    • No, I only have a B.A.
    • Yes, I have or am currently working on my M.F.A.

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...anyone else still working on their BA and finding it incredibly difficult to concentrate in class when your professors are on the admissions committee?

I'm doing a B.A. still. I actually find I'm doing okay in terms of stress. My focus is on school right now. I'm in the middle of midterms/essay writing, and so I'm always at the library / rarely on the Internet. I think it's really awesome to be in school while waiting out acceptances/rejections. It means you have another way to occupy your time. I'm also just pretty bored, so I'm kind of enjoying experimenting with what I can get away with writing in my assignments. It's kind of fun. So far so good.

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This gives me hope! =D So does the fact that one of my schools sent out a few rejections today, and I didn't get one. Probably doesn't mean anything promising, but certainly isn't a bad sign!

I'm also having a TERRIBLE time focusing on classes! My school provides students with laptops (for an exorbitant tech fee), so it's REALLY hard not to check the results board every five minutes during class!

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