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How much info do we mention about other acceptances?


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I'm attending the campus visit (interview) weekend at Northwestern for a program in the School of Communications. I've also been accepted with funding to UW-Madison. My family (husband and children) will be tagging along to see Northwestern and to visit with very close friends of ours that live nearby, but I thought we might take a day or two to visit Madison as a family. (Note: The program at Madison is flying me out for a visit in late March, but my family will not be joining me). My question is: Do I contact my potential adviser in Madison and let her know we will be in town for a visit? If so, do I mention why we are so close to the area (visiting Northwestern 3 hours away) or do I remain vague and say we're visiting friends? I'm sure she can put the pieces together and is aware of the timing of the event at Northwestern. (She also knows that I'm applying there...and knows my POI at Northwestern as well).

Such a delicate situation--especially when you know that if you do turn a program down, you will still be seeing the people who might have been your adviser at conferences, etc. My specific field / community of researchers is extremely close-knit--everyone knows each other or at least "of" each other.


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I vote that you can be honest about why you're in the neighborhood. I've got two POIs who know each other (friendly, even) and they are both aware of all of my progress in the application process. For example, one accepted me, the other said congratulations (and is still working to get me into his school). Professors know better than anyone what this process entails and that there should be as few bridges burnt in the process as possible.

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