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  1. Many schools have off campus coordinators who know all the best places to live, can put you in contact with tons of people and are a great resource. That said, I've found the best roommates I've ever had on Craigslist. They are not all horror stories.
  2. From my research most Master's Students are unfunded and unfortunately the most common way to foot the bill is loans. If you are going into a medical or service field sometimes there are loan forgiveness programs by the government for high need jobs. I do not know if yours is one of them, but it might be something to snoop around and see if it is. You may be able to secure funding in another division of the university, for instance working with ResLife or another student affairs office, the Library may have assistantships available or the admissions office, however, at this writing you may be
  3. My best advice for cold weather, esp. if you will be walking, is good old fashioned waterproof and clunky snowboots. They last longer than traditional "waterproof" shoes and give you good foot support. Although, break them in before the snow as they can be slick on ice at first!
  4. If you did an internship your superviosr there may also be willing to look over your resume/cover letter and offer some constructive feedback. Since internships are so often associated with learning experiences in the real world, helping students with job finding skills can be a big part of that. Also, check your local library, they often have workshops and such or if your school has a career center it can be a vital tool.
  5. No better time than March for a good spring clean!
  6. Send the card to the person with whom you worked out all the details of your trip and had the most contact with, if you'd also like to send one to professors who you have particular interest or who took extra time out of their day to meet with you you can do that also. Also if you stayed with or had a "buddy" who is a current student it's nice to send them a note as well. In the actual card I'd suggest be appreciative, short and sweet and vauge about your decisions until you're ready to make your final decision. A thank you card isn't the place for that. Include several things that impres
  7. Good luck on the interview! My favorite question to ask is about how the cohort of students works, if it's collaborative or more competitive and what kind of academic environment that fosters.
  8. You might have better luck in the MFA section of the website as it'll be people more familiar with art programs in particular. Is the new job you have sending you back to school? Are you looking for a school close to your new job? From my experience at an Art undergrad, they are often able to overlook a low GPA in exchange for promise in the feild. Art is very subjective, it's not so much a multiple choice test. I'd say talk to those you will be working with, they will be aware of the reputations of the local programs and from there maybe your can visit programs and speak to the program man
  9. I love my mac. I don't think I'll ever go back to a PC for my individual needs. They have good tech people to help when problems arise (which for me has RARELY happened), it is compatible with all of my media and the operating system is clean and very easy to use. They're a touch more expensive than PCs, but I think it's worth the extra money.
  10. I'm entering MA with thoughts towards a PhD as well....my thoughts right now are to narrow my interests in my MA and if I end up at a school with a PhD program it can be a natural transition or I have the option to look elsewhere for further education. Going for an MA take classes from as many profs as you can and work with as many as you can to geat a real grasp for the types of research and intersts you want to persue.
  11. It seems counter intuitive to go into a program already thinking about transfering, not only is it frustrating to your teachers, but your fellow students who will rely on you for help and support
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