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Good Omens


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So my car broke down yesterday. To most people, that would be awful and a terrible thing to happen on top of the exigent stress from the application process. However, this is actually potentially fantastic news. Last October, my car was broken into and some stuff was stolen. The back window was smashed and it was just a mess. A couple nights after that happened, I had a dream that I won second place in the National PAT paper writing competition. The next day, I woke up and found out that I had won second place! (most people respond to that story by making fun of the fact that even in my dreams I can't fantasize about being #1 but oh well, even Dream Me is a realist)

A few weeks after that, I was on my way to get my window fixed and on the way there, my engine exploded. I ended up having to get the engine replaced (it ended up being the lesser of two evils, the other evil being to junk it and buy a new car). A couple days later, I found out I won my university's Academic Achievement Award (sort of like undergrad of the year, it's really prestigious at my school).

So, yesterday, my check engine light came on, and my brakes are about ready to go at any moment. Plus, last night I had a dream that someone called with an offer for a fully funded PhD program (the program was in English and not History, but, I'm going to assume that Dream Me simply misheard).

I'm convinced this means that something good is going to happen in the next week.

Anyone else believe in omens good or bad?

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i believe in omens as well, but things on my side are definitely not as drastic as on yours. pardon me if i am wishing for the wrong thing, but i wish that your car had broken down few weeks ago, before those two rejects ;)

seriously though, good luck, and i hope your dream comes true!

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Got an email today saying I was recommended for admission at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Still nothing official, and no word on funding (it's for an MA program so, shot in the dark), so, nothing to get too excited about.

Now I'm worried I wasted my broke car on this. I was hoping to save it for Michigan. :unsure:

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Hey HistoryGrizzly, I don't know about omens, but I like you have a car (an 1984) that's about ready to die. I'm planning to live without a car through graduate school, and hopefully (If Fortuna smiles upon us) we'll both get accepted and live lives free of car problems for a while.

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