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Waterloo MASc ECE application results???


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I have applied to University of Waterloo's MASc program in Electrical Engineering. So far my status on QUEST account is "Application" which means application under processing. They never told of the admission decision timeline and I am wondering how much more time will they take to inform of the outcome of admission applications. I want to ask if any of the forum members received a reply on their applications to Waterloo's MASc program (particularly ECE)? Or if anybody knows when will they be going to inform applicants? I am bored lying in wait for their reply.

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well, I applied to the MASc in the ECE at Waterloo in 2007, and I received the rejection letter in mid April. For this year I applied for PhD and didn't receive anything yet. I sent them an email to request the status of my application as I have to make decisions regarding other offers, but didn't receive anything from them yet. So I assume they will reject my application again, which I don't care about now, but I regret for wasting the application fee.

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