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Hello everyone. This is my first post here after having lurked here obsessively reading the forums for the past two months. I applied for a PhD program at University of Chicago, and I sent the admissions committee an email earlier today inquiring about when they would start sending out decisions for this application season. I got a reply soon after, saying "the admissions committee is still reviewing applications, thank you for your patience". Now, I just checked the results board and I can see that my program has sent out an acceptance today. What could this discrepancy mean? Have they not reviewed my application or is it a sign that I am not among the ones accepted? Or could the post on the results forum be a fake?

Thanks for your opinions..

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My advice is don't fret! When I look at the history of acceptances on the results board, I see that a lot of departments do not accept everybody on the same day and then stop looking. Sometimes people get accepted several weeks apart. Just because one person has been accepted and you haven't heard anything does not mean you've already been rejected. Good luck!

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