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So I just got invited to a group interview for my first choice (I think) school. The thought of being in a GROUP dynamic for an interview makes me feel ill.

Has anyone ever done this? I have no idea what to expect from this sort of experience...

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I think I might be doing a group interview as well. I'm not sure because the letter they sent me was ambiguous, but it's a campus visit with "faculty meetings" and travel expenses paid. This is for the UT Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, in case anyone knows about this program.

Honestly, I'm kind of hoping for a small group interview (but it had better be fewer than 10 people). I would be much more nervous for a one-on-one interview. With a small group, if you need more time to think of an answer, you can always pause and let someone else answer first. In a one-on-one, every pause is awkward and seems to last much longer than it really does, and then just thinking about the awkwardness makes it even harder to think of an answer. However, if it were a large group interview, that would be horrible because I hate talking over people and competing for attention.

...Maybe that's just me, though. You're not necessarily like me.

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