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Should I contact Department B


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I just received a very enthusiastic phone call from my POI at well-respected, up-and-coming Department A. This POI's work in particular aligns very well with my own. They expressed a lot of enthusiasm and department-wide interest in my application, which is great and a true ego-booster during this season of general woe and unbelievable anxiety. They also mentioned Department B (different school) and a particular POI there, and made it clear that they felt Department B was the competition. I'd like to think so, as well, except I haven't heard from Department B yet; they expect to notify students as they progress, between now and early March.

Should I call Department B and ask them if they have any further info/details/tempting offers to dangle in front of me? I'm nervous about contacting any department, really, and I'm not nearly as smooth on the phone as I'd like (heh, what an understatement), but I'm beginning to drift into an awkward position, and knowing that I'm not quite savvy at this process, was hoping someone would have some insight into this.

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