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Doctorate admission without mention of funding


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I got an admit to Doctorate program at UT Austin ECE(Energy Systems), but however nothing is mentioned about funding in the offer letter. I wanted to know is it always that you are funded for your PhD or are there cases when you do not get any funding for your PhD??

Thanks :):)

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There could be cases where you don't get funded for the first year or semester. But to complete your PhD i think you will need to get funded at some point. Some schools decide separately on admission and funding. They first look at who they going to admit in the first place and then they decide who will get funding. You can also contact the department and ask them when the funding decision will be made/announced. Now that you are admitted it will not hurt to ask the department about funding.

BTW...congratulation on your admission. UT Austin is a very school in Electrical.....

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