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Changing/switching majors

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Hi all,

How easy is it to switch majors (master's) after being admitted to a program? I have a dual undergrad degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Recently I have been accepted to a Computer Science program. If/When I join the university, how easy would it be to switch to the Electrical Engineering department (which includes Computer Engineering as a subfield)? Would I have to reapply all over again?

I do not want to email the university at the moment since it will give them the wrong impression.

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If it is a separate department, which it sounds like it is, you probably cannot change graduate programs. Programs are usually relatively autonomous with their own lines of support and course work, etc. To switch you would most likely have to independently apply to the new department during their next admissions season.

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You would have to re-apply as a transfer student, more than likely.

It's possible that there might be some other means (ie, applying for an interdisciplinary PhD between Comp Sci and EE with dual advisors), but to completely switch programs you will have to wait until next year, apply to the EE department, and then transfer.

Also note that you would likely need the blessing of the CS department, and they probably won't look to favorably on you applying to their department (and taking up a spot) only to leave after one year.

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