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I received an offer of admission to an excellent highly ranked Phd programme (School 'A'). This is my first choice, and I will be accepting their offer after my visit in a few weeks. However, I spoke to my POI at my second choice (School 'B' a month ago and got an unofficial acceptance by phone. However, I have not received anything official from this school yet--not that it really matters as I plan to attend School 'A'. To this, I am wondering Is it presumptuous to contact School 'B' and tell them that I decline their (unofficial) offer although I haven't received an official acceptance? I want to be courteous with School 'B', as my POI mentioned that they were nominating me for a competitive fellowship (hence the unofficial acceptance) and that If I decided to decline their offer they would essentially be wasting a nomination on me that could have gone to another candidate. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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If you are quite certain School B is out of the running (ie their fellowship and warmth, even combined with a disastrous visit to School A could never sway you), it is quite permissible and IMO courteous to them and other candidates to let them know you are respectfully withdrawing your application. This can be phrased without presuming a pending offer.

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