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M.S. International Economics SUNY at Buffalo


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Simply put this program is my first choice partially due to location (SUNY-Buffalo is my alma mater and the city is my hometown) , cost, and the ability to focus on international study. I have no desire to go on for a Ph.D afterwards and would like an estimation of my admissions chances.

Majors: Philosophy & Mathematics, Magna Cum Laude with [philosophy] thesis

Overall GPA: 3.74/4

Math GPA: 3.44/4 (3 sems of calc, linear, diff eq, basic proofs, set theory, game theory, probability theory)

Econ GPA: 4/4 (Intro macro/micro sequence, Intermediate macro/micro sequence, Econometrics)

I will also have a graduate degree in religion-theology. The school does not calculate GPA.

No [full-time] work experience to speak of, I went directly from undergrad to theology to this application.

LORs: Honors advisor in undergrad, a seminary professor I have taken 4 courses with in my theology program, still deliberating on who to ask for the third one.

GREs: they judge on a case by case basis whether they need the results, I am waiting to here back on this.

Many Thanks,


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I'd say you're a 95% admit.

You probably won't find the program very challenging, at least in the core - seek out the better professors. Recognize that the program is mainly crosslisted courses and that means that you'll retake Intermediate Micro, Macro, and Metrics. Challenge yourself by asking who the better professors are and taking their courses rather than rehashing the same courses you took before.

(The answer to that is almost always Peter Morgan, by the way. He's the bomb.)

If you have any questions, let me know.

- ACG, M.S. 2010 (Applied Micro-Econometrics), Buffalo

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