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Spouses, Distance, and housing


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My husband is accepted to Emory's MBA program and I've been accepted to UGA's English MA program. It looks like the schools are an hour and 30 minutes apart. Does anyone have a similar situation? Not sure if it would be best to live right in the middle or close to one school or another... MBA's seem like they need a greater time commitment in terms of meetings close to university, but do English MA's also?


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I know a number of students who live in ATL (not too far from Emory) and commute to Athens without a problem. I don't know many who live here in Athens and commute to ATL. That said, there are a number of small towns in between that are quaint and would make the split more even. It more depends upon if you prefer (or can live with) city, suburban, or rural life and amenities.

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I live 80 miles from my current program (an hour and a half without traffic), and I wouldn't recommend it. Living in the middle (and shaving the commute to 45 minutes) would have been much easier for me. I commuted three days a week, and it really limited my course selection and access to faculty members.

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