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  1. I'm struggling with the same problem in a different field and recommend that you ask your professors. My professors gave me the exact opposite advice of what people were telling me in the forum, and it really helped me to think long-term about my career. I finally decided that while student loans aren't fun, the potential investment could really pay off. Of course your situation is different, but maybe speaking to some unbiased professors could help you get a different perspective.
  2. lit864

    Philadelphia, PA

    Hi, Anyone know much about the U Penn MA program? Has anyone graduated from it? Where do most people end up? Also, is anyone planning on attending in Fall 2011? Thanks!
  3. Hi! I'm trying to get more info on U Penn's MA program. Does anyone have any insight into how useful it is in terms of PhD placement? Has anyone gone through it personally? If so I'd love to hear about your impressions. Thanks!
  4. Hi! I was wondering if it's better to attend a lower-ranked phd program (in the 40s) or an MA program in the hopes that in 2 years I could apply to some higher ranked programs. I haven't heard back from all programs, but I've been accepted to some state schools with funding and stipends that are actually higher than the phd program. Some of the MA programs that I'm waiting to hear from are ranked in the top 20s or so. Advice? The phd program is a great fit, but I"m worried about job prospects afterwards. Thanks!
  5. Congrats on your admittance! Any info on how many MA students they're taking?
  6. I'm wasn't the one who posted but I just heard I got into the MA program via email (but I may have heard earlier than most since I was an undergrad at GW). They said that they had many applicants this year. No funding for MA students. Best of luck!
  7. I received an email from U Conn yesterday saying I was accepted to their MA program. They also included funding info (TA stipend of around $19,000 per year). I haven't received a letter yet, but it might be still in the mail. Hope this info helps those of you out there still waiting and good luck!
  8. Hi! My husband is accepted to Emory's MBA program and I've been accepted to UGA's English MA program. It looks like the schools are an hour and 30 minutes apart. Does anyone have a similar situation? Not sure if it would be best to live right in the middle or close to one school or another... MBA's seem like they need a greater time commitment in terms of meetings close to university, but do English MA's also? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I've been contacted by a program that says that they have questions about my application and want to call me. What should I expect? Is this an interview situation? I thought I saw a similar thread a few weeks ago but couldn't find it when I looked..... Thanks!
  10. Hi all, Does anyone know if masters programs tend to notify you of acceptance/rejection later than PhD's? If so, when do they usually tell you? My husband applied to business schools and needs to tell them soon whether or not he is accepting, but I'm not sure when I can expect to hear from these programs. Thanks!
  11. My husband got into his first school, and we went crazy. It made the news that he has to have a major surgery soon much easier to take. Also it was the week of his birthday. Yay!!!!!!!
  12. Hi all, I'm applying to English PhD and Master's programs with a BA in International Affairs and English from a top 50 private university (gpa- 3.5 but 3.9 in English). I'm applying to WashU, Vanderbilt, and comparable schools. My field is Post-colonial Early Modern Travelogues and Shakespeare. My GRe Lit was 630 and my GRE was V- 630, Math- low 500s. My question is, should I retake the GRE in December? It could only go to about half the schools, the ones with app. deadlines in January. What do you advise? Any help would be great! Thanks in advance!
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