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  1. I'll get the cliche over with: every place is different. Whew. Okay. Cliche out of the way. I asked about my visiting weekend, and was told that business casual (including nice blue jeans) was the standard.
  2. This may seem like a silly question, but I figured that I would get some group feedback. The visiting day is approaching, and this is my first graduate program visiting day ever. What is the standard attire (if any)?
  3. I also just withdrew my name (not part of the 5 offers, but part of the top 12).
  4. I just withdrew my name at UC Riverside. A wait list spot should be opening up as a result.
  5. I agree. It's safe to say that all funded admission offers have been sent and all unfunded acceptances have been updated on the GAMES site. Nebraska doesn't stagger acceptances. However, I have no idea how the wait list works there, and it is common to dip into the wait list as top candidates accept offers from other institutions.
  6. It's *almost* universal in that it's the mandated earliest deadline by the Council of Graduate Schools. Very few programs do not abide by this standard.
  7. I'd recommend not taking unfunded offers, especially for the PhD. It's true that there are one-year renewable TA-ships for which unfunded PhD students can apply after the first year, but these are totally variable based on the leftovers of year-to-year funding. I know of someone who was really jerked around by that process; he was awarded a package that was later rescinded due to budgetary nonsense. More importantly, it's difficult to network with faculty (and other students, for that matter) when one is unfunded. This is in no way a denigration of Nebraska's program, but a fair assessment
  8. I have no idea. It could be that those still "Under Review" were not accepted at all. It could be that those "Under Review" still have a shot, for some weird reason. Only one funded admit has come out of the woodwork.
  9. My GAMES page still reads "Under Review." To clarify funding: if you received notification directly from the DGS or a POI via email or phone call, s/he would have detailed the funding package. Otherwise, if the only notification is the auto-email from Sue Hart directing you to an updated GAMES status, you're not one of the first-round funding offers.
  10. Creative writing wise, I think that only one or two people per year are accepted. It seems to be a really small program.
  11. Funded admits are notified by an email from the DGS. Unfunded admits are notified first via the GAMES website and then through snail mail.
  12. It does seem strange. Next week would be the latest that funded admits ever have been notified by the program, judging by the history on the results board. Last year, funded admits were notified the last week of February. At some point, it will be difficult to compete with offers that have been on the table for a month or longer.
  13. Hah. I suppose that my cat drinking absinthe picture could go either way. Your first instinct, rightly or wrongly, was correct. And big congrats on the acceptances at Mich, UCLA, and UCSC. You must have had a stellar application!
  14. It does seem to be taking a while, but it's possible (though not that likely) that everyone admitted to CU doesn't use GradCafe. I understand that CU has a small entering cohort, maybe 6-8, and I guess that they may not have let anyone else know about their good news. Or, the more likely possibility is that CU is just dragging its feet.
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