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Columbia biomedical engineering


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Has anyone heard from Columbia yet? ANyone who has applied into the Biomedical Engineering program?

i have emailed them numerous times and i keep on getting hte same answer. You will hear from them shortly.

I also tried calling but no one ever picks up.

I applied mid-January and i still haven't heard from them.

I am freaking out. I got into JHU, but i would pick Columbia over JHU any day



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hmm it's a personal preference. Not a big fan of Baltimore.. and i love nyc..

yes, you might think it's stupid to choose location over the university, but I don't think i would be able to accomplish much if i am unhappy in the city i am living in.

that's all.

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it's for Master's. It's ok. I just found out that they sent my admission decision to my home country. I live in US, but my permanent address is for India and they sent the letters there. ..**sigh**

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