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I'm in the midst of a very difficult decision:

The Maxwell school at Syracuse offered me a graduate assistantship that would virtually pay for my entire education, along with most living expenses.

The Fels School at Penn offered me 75% scholarship and the program is 2 years. It would cost more at Penn, and it's "lower" ranked, but it still has Philadelphia and the Penn name. Also, as I'm interested in Ed policy, Penn has a stronger Ed school where I could take classes. Overall, Penn would cost me about 20K over two years.

I want to focus on non-profit management and pursue non-profit educational opportunities. Currently, I live in Philly.

Any thoughts on where I should go?

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Well, I'm sure you've thought of this but since Fels focuses on local and state gov. more I would say you should think about the arena you ultimately would like to focus on. I'm not familiar with Syracuse, but I'm also considering Fels. For me the fact that most of their alumni work in the local gov. or private sector is not very helpful. But like you said, they are cheaper than a lot of other schools and have the Penn name. But that's what I'm finding is helpful to narrowing things... can the school get you where you want to go. You said you live in Philly... if you like the city and want to live there for an extended period (something I got the sense they value when I visited) then you should consider the fact that the Penn name will go far in the city and in less money.

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I know that Syracuse (Maxwell) is very highly ranked (if that matters, who knows how much it does). In my opionion, if you are interested in Nonprofit Management I would go to the least expensive school, yet very strong school (i.e. Syracuse), if you were more interested in working in government I would say go to Penn.

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Has anyone heard more about Syracuse? Or Fels? The programs looks strong but I'm finding it hard to compare the two since the objective information on both is limited.

I might be too late, but if you elaborate on what you want to know we could probably be more helpful.

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