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What do you do with rejection/ acceptance letters?



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  1. 1. What do you do with your rejection letters?

    • Immediately rip to shreads

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It just occured to me to ask: what do you do with your acceptance or rejection letters? Of course, in this electronic day and age we use email but once in a while we get acceptance or rejection letters from graduate schools through snail mail.

I open the letter read through it quickly looking for the words "accept or reject". If it's a rejection letter I rip the letter to shreads but before I look at the watermark if it has one. If the wording is not so negative I might use the back as scratch paper.

I tend to keep all my acceptance letters in a folder even if I don't accept. Does any one else do this?

What do you do with your acceptance or rejection letters?

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All of mine went in a "graduate school" file in my filing cabinet. And are still there to this day.

But then they were all acceptances, no idea what I'd do with rejections. Probably stick them in the same file- I'm big on keeping stuff around in case I ever need it down the road.

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The acceptance letters I have given to my parents, who are much less likely to throw it out while cleaning up the house than I am. I have not yet received a paper rejection letter, just a short dear john over the interwebz.

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