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Scheduling Visits


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For those of you out there who have scheduled independent visits to schools/departments in the past, what do you find to be an adequate length of time to view the facilities, meet professors, and get a general feel for the location? I was recently invited to attend a graduate preview weekend, but due to scheduling issues with two POIs I won't be attending during the formal weekend slot and thus have to make the trip out on my own at a later date. At the moment I'm planning on spending a total of three days at the university, but because of flight times (arriving early afternoon on Day 1, departing late afternoon on Day 3) will really only be able to spend the entirety of Day 2 visiting campus and chatting with professors. The other two half-days will likely be spent with current graduate students and getting a feel for the city (which will be just as important as meeting with members of the department, in my opinion). To be honest, I'm not overly worried; I'm sure that this will be more than enough time to accomplish what I want to. Before I booked my flight though, I just wanted to hear some quick thoughts from you all in the gradcafe community.

So anyway. In your experience, what's the ideal length of time to spend visiting a school?

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