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  1. I'm also curious about this. I have seen a few stylus reviews on youtube, but the writing often looks chunky and blocky with lots of space in between individual letters and words. I'm not sure if this is just a function of the inexperience of the individual using the stylus or if it's something inherent to the technology. Those of you out there who frequently use a stylus to take notes directly on your PDFs, does the electronic format mirror your typical writing style fairly well (i.e., is it possible to write in condensed spaces using smaller strokes)? My handwriting tends to be scrunched and
  2. Anyone else headed to UCSB? I just got back from visiting Santa Barbara a couple weeks ago and absolutely loved it. I'll be entering the Anthropology PhD program in the fall.
  3. Hey everyone, I figured I ought to reopen this thread because I'm sure there are at least a few of us out there that will be in Santa Barbara next fall. I was just out for a visit a week and a half ago and absolutely loved it. Now that I'm certain I will be attending, my thoughts have turned toward the logistics of living in SB. I won't be bringing a car with me and likely wont be able to afford one until I'm at least a couple of years into my program; from what I've seen, campus and the surrounding area (Isla Vista, some parts of Goleta/Elwood, Hollister Ave area) seemed really bike frien
  4. So I'm in an interesting quandry at the moment. I have managed to narrow down my options for next year to two solid programs at two very different universities. Of these two universities (B and A) I am much more drawn to A and feel as if I would have many more opportunities and resources at my disposal through my years as a student there. The only issue is that my funding package at A is significantly less than that which B has offered me. So far this sounds just like an introduction to your typical "negotiate for more funding" post, but here's where the twist comes in. I haven't actuall
  5. I've found myself in quite the confusing situation. I recently received an offer of admission from a great public state university but was informed by my POI that I was unlikely to be awarded a fellowship directly by the graduate division. This means that any funding I am awarded has to come directly from the department (departmental fellowships, assistantships, etc), which is understandable as it was the department committee's choice to accept me, but I just now received the official funding letter from the department and was surprised at how underwhelming it was. I received a very light non-
  6. I'm in the same boat. I will soon be visiting Salt Lake City and though I'll likely get a thorough feel for the area after a few chats with current grad students, it is always nice to make as broad of a query as possible; does anyone have any information on what neighborhoods most grad students prefer to live in? Also, how's the beer culture in SLC? I'm a huge craft beer fan and would love to find a couple great bars that serve local brews. I have also heard that Utah has some strange liquor laws in comparison to the rest of the country, are there any locals that can weigh in on this?
  7. Yeah, same thing here. Still waiting on Duke Evo. Anth. Maybe I'm just deluding myself with wishes and dreams, but I feel like there are enough of us here on the forums that we ought to have seen a few results posted if acceptances really went out earlier this week. Hmm...
  8. Yikes, this isn't overly encouraging (especially since I haven't heard a peep from Duke since their barrage of emails earlier this season). I take it this information is coming from the DGS of the department? I haven't seen any updates on the results board yet, so a part of me is hoping that they're still in the process of sending out the majority of the acceptances and that I'll hear very soon. I don't want to give up yet, so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that some good news comes our way today.
  9. Yeah, I'm also still waiting to hear from the Evo Anth department at Duke. Not a word from them thus far, and I have yet to see any notifications of interviews on the results page from this season. Looks like we're all being kept in the dark. And yeah, I got a kick out of all of duplicate status updates via email. What do you want to bet that there was some strange problem with their email system and all of our results are just floating around in email limbo?
  10. This. It's disconcerting how many people I come across on Facebook who explicitly note that they hate reading and/or have not read a book for leisure in a decade or more. In many respects it's impossible to know that you're butchering certain idioms when you never see them in writing. For instance, "all intensive purposes" rather than "all intents and purposes", and "mind as well" in lieu of "might as well". These drive me insane, as it's painfully obvious that the individual has never seen such phrases in written text.
  11. For those of you out there who have scheduled independent visits to schools/departments in the past, what do you find to be an adequate length of time to view the facilities, meet professors, and get a general feel for the location? I was recently invited to attend a graduate preview weekend, but due to scheduling issues with two POIs I won't be attending during the formal weekend slot and thus have to make the trip out on my own at a later date. At the moment I'm planning on spending a total of three days at the university, but because of flight times (arriving early afternoon on Day 1, depar
  12. First off, another round of congratulations to all of you who have heard good news in the past week. Also, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who are posting "insider information" on a number of programs; it's helping to ease the nerves tremendously knowing that, although many of us are competing for the same positions, we're still willing to help one another out. Right now I'm curious about what you just posted about Duke, rudy-dugoo. Have you heard whether all department decisions will be going out this week (and if they are, any idea what day?! ) or if this is just restricted to
  13. Yep, I know the feeling. I'm in funding limbo for the moment now and "patiently" waiting to hear more specifics. I'm finding that I am constantly filled with mixed emotions and have to continually explain to exited family members and friends that an acceptance without funding doesn't /really/ feel like an acceptance. I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to get my hopes up without due cause, so I'm trying to hold back on scouring craigslist looking at apartment availabilities and just generally getting overly excited about what life could be like if I were to get a solid support package.
  14. I've had no news at all from Rutgers Evo thus far. There isn't much of anything on the results board either from past seasons, so I'm completely in the dark about when to expect a decision. You say you had an interview (and before the application deadline to boot)? I could only interpret that as good news; someone must have been excited about your application. Fingers crossed! Hopefully we hear something before the middle of March. Anyone else have any inside information?
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