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  1. Hey all! I'm a second year at the La Follette School of Public Affairs at UW Madison, and if you're searching for strong social and education policy programs I would check it my school. It's not hard to get funding (through assistantships) and it's #12 in the public affairs rankings (and #3 in social policy). Feel free to ask me questions.. I figure I'd put in a plug
  2. I'm currently a La Follette student (first year MPA) - feel free to message me with any questions. I didn't apply to the Humphrey school, but I did weigh GW (for the "DC experience") vs. La Follette, and I'm so happy with my decision to go with UW Madison. In terms of loans - since our program is small, there are ample opportunities to find a PAship/RAship with full tuition remission and a stipend in your second year, so keep that in mind. I believe 75 - 80% of the second year cohort found such opportunities. I would also say that you find the "ultra ambition folks" EVERYWHERE in policy sch
  3. Same email, same award! I wonder if we ALL are on this "waiting" list for more funding
  4. I received my email scholarship offer - did you guys? I have yet to get the snail mail version, however. I can't make the open house and I am BUMMED because my decision is nowhere near to being made. I'm hoping that if I visit during the first weekend of April, I will be able to still get a feel for GW!
  5. Me too! Congrats to those who got in!
  6. My letter says "per semester": You have been awarded the following merit-based financial support for your first semester. The financial support below is renewable for your remaining semesters of study, contingent on your continued high academic performance.
  7. Just got mine too! Now I have a *little* more faith about U Mich taking their time with my letter as well... Heinz's $8,000 a semester is awesome, but with La Follette covering all of my tuition, I'm not sure that I can turn them down! DECISIONS!
  8. Received the same email - I think you're right, all applicants received it
  9. I was one of the forum posters - I received a La Follette fellowship letter attached to my application status email. I don't know if they have contacted all accepted students about funding, however!
  10. ME TOO!!!!!!! I caved in and called... And received the kind-but-generic reply that they have started notifying applicants about their statuses, but this process continues through March. I asked "March when?" (I know - so annoying - thank goodness it was an anonymous call so I didn't hurt my acceptance karma) and the reply was "through the end of March." I thought I was the only one who didn't receive notification at the end of February, and had almost given CMU up as a lost cause (rejection)... I'm glad I'm not alone in WAITING!
  11. Fadeindreams, you are AWESOME. Thank you. Question - following your decision to attend Ford, when did you start looking for your Assistantship (timeline-wise)?
  12. I thiiiiiiink the 15th, according to past results! NEXT WEEK!
  13. Ruh roh, who was the email specifically "from"? I received an email saying my application was complete back in December, so I *think* I should be good, but of course I'm stressing that I haven't gotten that specific email. Ohhh this time of year.
  14. Well, my username is just a variation of my first/middle initials and my last name... It sounds cool, like the name of the best friend in a kid's TV show (okay fine, I'm thinking of Skeeter from "Doug".) I finally got around to changing my avatar to honor my one and only love: Hyperbole and a Half. Also - this is what I picture how I look when I'm up in the wee hours of the morning checking the results page and Googling my fingers off.
  15. Maybe you're onto something. I should visit a pet store and give my rejection letter to a litter of puppies... Not only will I be smiling and chuckling the whole time, but I'm sure the letter will look a lot better post-ripping-and-defecation. Hurray!
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