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Summer plans?

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Hey folks. As a bit of a stress reliever, what is everyone doing this summer? I know that plans may change depending on app success (ie- if we get in, we'll be moving, and if we don't, we'll be revising our app materials feverishly), but there will be SOME time for fun stuff this summer, right?

I have a family reunion, and I applied to an NEH Folger institute ( http://www.folger.edu/Content/Folger-Institute/Program-Offerings/2011-NEH-Summer-Institute/ ). I find out on April 1st if I was accepted for the NEH thing. If I had the choice of the two, I'd probably pick the Folger institute over the family reunion. :)

Anyone else trying to line up some nerdy summer fun?

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Cool topic! I just got my first acceptance today, so I am riding high. Now that I don't have to go out and get a "real" job (whew!), I really want to go to Honduras to scuba dive!!

I'm going to Thailand for a month with my roomate(s). I've been planning to go for a year and a half now and saving up money, so I'm pretty excited.

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