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Program for Sciences and Arts?

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Hi there. =] I'm interested in an interdisciplinary masters program in the arts and sciences. I've done some research and have come across these programs:

  • Carnegie Mellon, Entertainment Technology Program
  • UCSB, Media Arts and Technology Program
  • MIT Media Lab

I was curious if anyone knew of any other similar programs. Any knowledge would be much appreciated. Thank you!!!

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Nice to see other people looking into the same type of thing. Utah seems to have a program called Entertainment Arts and Engineering. It's pretty new, and I personally have only limited knowledge of it, but it is something that came up when I was searching for similar programs earlier - http://mgs.eae.utah.edu/

From what I gathered, the concept of this place seems quite similar to CMU's ETC.

Georgia Tech also has a Digital Media program you could check out - it seemed interesting, though a bit different from the others mentioned.

I also recall reading somewhere that UC Irvine has something called Arts Computation Engineering (or something like that at least)... also interdisciplinary. I didn't look into that too deeply, so I don't really know the details, you could read up more and see if it fits with what you're interested in.

One other thing you might want to think about is research focus vs. application focus. For example, MIT Media lab is all about in depth research - most students move on to PhDs and so on... on the other hand CMU's ETC does not even have a PhD, and involves no research : it is about practical application and things like that.

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