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UMD VS UT-Austin VS Cornell for MPA/MPP, help!!!


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Hi guys,

4.15 decision deadline is approaching but i still haven't made my final decision yet ....

Would anyone like to give me some advice?? I'd really appreciate that!!!

UMD-CP/MPP--half grad assistantship

UT-Austin /MPAff ---$ 31,000 for 2 years and in-state tuition

Cornell / MPA---$ 22,000 for each year but the out-state tuition is $ 36,300 per year!!!!

Financially, UT-Austin is the least expensive program for me, while Cornell is the most expensive and I need pay $ 28,600 for the 2 years' tuition~~Do you guys think its worthwhile? I am worried about the job placement in US, because i am an int'l student and might have problems finding employments....I'd like to work for Int'l organization, like UN and World Bank, or consulting firms. But I might end up working for low-paid NGOs due to the work visa issue.

One thing I am concerned about is the location. UMD is close to DC, while Austin s located in South and Cornell s in a smalllll town! But its said cornell has a program in Washing DC where 2nd students intern while studying....

Also, since I am an int'l, I am unable to visit the open houses for admitted students of each school....Anyone here made that to LBJ, UMD, Cornell?..Would you please share your thoughts/any information with me, especially the career prospect , education quality and emphasis of each program, like heavily quant-focused?

I have to make the decision today :o !!!!! plz give me a hand~~~

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