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Would you put this on your C.V.?


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A group paper that I'm contributing to (for a graduate class...it is not intended for publication) was chosen to be represented in poster form (e.g. our abstracts and photos) in a poster exhibition, in conjunction with a conference that my school is hosting on a similar topic.

I'm not sure if it would be a suitable thing to put on a C.V. or it will look like I'm just trying to pad my credentials. My C.V. isn't lacking by any stretch of the imagination (I've adjuncted 4 classes, have a publication and presentation under my belt, and likely to add another one of each by the time I apply for schools), but I just was wondering if I should include it or leave it off...

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks.

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Absolutely. There are no set rules for CVs, just some basic dos and don'ts...if it demonstrates your research/teaching ability, then you should include it. Just find a way to make it flow and look professional.

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Absolutely! I have several posters listed on my CV. The more, the merrier especially if you don't have a lot of publications or other stuff to list there. That's how I have things organized:


- Journal Papers

- Peer-reviewed Conference Papers

- Posters and Presentations

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