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Rejected and then accepted?


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Ok this has got to be the worst joke ever played. Mid march i got a very rude rejection letter from BU, stating that they could not consider my application for admission. Today, April the 15th, I get an email ( with an official letter) congratulating me on my acceptance. I swear this is the sickest joke ever. Esp since I had been waiting for their response. After their rejection letter I accepted the offer from the 3rd school on my list. COuld they have made a mistake earlier and sent me a rejection letter when they actually meant to send me a waiting list letter? I wish I could strangle someone right now. That is how mad I am. And its 4.30 pm. I cant even call and yell at ppl on the east coast.

has this happened to anyone?

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turns out they had made a mistake. Their 'student assistant' was in charge of printing and posting wait list/rejection letters. THE DGS was pretty shocked when I mentioned the rejection letter. I dunno what I will do now anyway. I have already accepted an offer at a different school. Although they are not as top notch as BU, they atleast had the courtesy to see that I received the right letters! I'm after all more than just an applicant number!

Its easy to say that. I dunno what I am gonna do though.

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