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Interview at Columbia (MFA Visual Arts)


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Hi everyone,

i will have my MFA Visual Arts interview at Columbia soon and I already know the committee who will be interviewing me.

When it comes to the question of why I want to study there to what extend should I speak about the faculty?

I mean I like the work by some faculty members more than others, so I really don't know how to put it. For example, in my interview there is one interviewer whose work I really really like, whereas the other one's work I am not so familiar with. Then there are other faculty members which I really want as mentors, but those are not in the interview committee.

Can anyone please give me some advise whether I should be specific about this in the interview and talk about the faculty members that I see as reasons for applying, even if they are not interviewing me in that moment?

Or should I just speak generally about the faculty as a whole and my opinion on it?

I hope this all doesn't sound confusing ..

I would really, really appreciate some advice.

Thanks to you all and good luck with your applications and interviews..


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