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I posted this elsewhere, but I'm getting kinda desparate..


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My best friend applied to the master's of social work (MSW) program at SDSU (San Diego State University), and hasn't heard back yet. The webportal info just states that her application is still "under review," even though she was under the impression that acceptance letters for the 2 year program would have already been sent out by now.

Does anyone know if the letters have been sent out? and if so...should she have already received it?

I'm torn between thinking that she didn't get in (because it is the middle of April--obviously past April 15th--and shes already heard back from other grad schools), and maybe SDSU is slower--hence the "still under review." Wouldn't it, however, say "denied" if she were...denied?

Yes, I know she can call, but that's her decision. *I'm* trying to get as much info I can to prepare myself to either console or congratulate her. Ya know?

Please help me...if you know.

much appreciated...

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