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I just got into the Public Relations Master's program at Boston University's COM school. I'm trying to transition from my undergrad degree in policy studies to public relations and marketing, and because my undergrad school doesn't have a communications program, I don't have a lot of advice about what schools are right for me. BU is offering me a very solid merit scholarship package, which I like, but I want to make sure its a well-respected program. I didn't apply to some of the more prestigious programs because of my lack of background in PR. I'm going to the visit days and will talk to profs, but kind of makes me feel as though they are not that competitive if they could give me (a strong applicant, but with a limited background in the subject) such a generous aid package. Also, I'm kind of afraid in terms of class size that it might be overwhelming, as I'm coming from a tiny department at an Ivy and have 6 students in most of my classes.


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