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UIC PhD Program in Criminology, Law and Justice

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Hi all,

I was accepted into UIC's program. Can anyone offer any information about this program other than what's on the website, etc. Does anybody know if they offer a full tuition wavier or stipend? Any current students on here?


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Dear All,

I would love to get some feeedback as to which criminal justice policy program should I opt for,I ve been selected by Fulbright for the following PhD progrmas in Public Policy

Northeastern university-Law,justice and society

American University-Law,polic and justice

Florida International university-Public adm. with concentration criminal justcice

Virginia Commonwealth university-same as above

Portland state university-same as above

Would love to get some feedback from Fulbrighter or anyone already in these schools


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I didn't, and I haven't come across anyone on here who has, sorry!

I hope you get a helpful response soon!

Thanks! Should I find it strange that nobody on here applied there. It's a pretty big school with a great reputation for their CLJ program from what I heard so far. Do you know how many students are admitted to criminology programs in general?

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