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Rejected...But Application Sent to Another Program?


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I applied to a double degree program and was told that I will not be admitted to that program. Instead, the admissions committee for that program has recommended my application to the committee that will decide on who is admitted into one of the single degree programs. What does this mean? I always thought that if I wasn't accepted into the one I appled to, then I'll have to apply the following year. Does that mean that my application wasn't good enough for one program but good enough for another? Should I just re-apply next year?

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For dual degree programs, I know this is fairly common... I applied to three similar programs and it was stated that you had to be approved by both programs to get admitted, otherwise you'll be in just one. I'm curious about a similar matter though... is it common for the comittees reviewing your application to recommend you to another program, regardless of whether or not you applied to a joint program?

The reason I ask is because I have a double major in Psych and Women's Studies, and for the remaining programs, I applied to just Psychology. However, my research is strongly rooted/interdisciplinary, as I focus on the role of gender in my research. Does anyone know if it is possible that, if I was rejected from a Psychology program, I might be recommended to a Women's Studies program?

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