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  1. Screwing up? Oh yeah. I switched programs 4 times...every single darn time I had about a year left. Took me 7 years to finish my BA degree. F's? You got it. W's? Of course! C's and D's? Yup. I think the thing that made the ultimate difference was that in my last two years, I had a combined GPA of 4.0, got three awards and really got as involved with as many extracurricular activities as possible while writing an undergrad thesis. Trust me, I was a nervous wreck after I applied. I kept on thinking "they're going to take one look at my GPA and say, 'Pass! Next!'" There was so much self-doubt, especially because I rejected the offer of a lifetime from a university in the field I loved (and still do...long story as to why I dropped it in the end) and did so well in. I ended up getting into the program I wanted to get into for MLIS...and actually got accepted into all of the programs I applied for. My advice: -Work hard to raise your GPA since most programs require at least a 3.0 GPA. -Be yourself and be true to yourself. If you've changed your bad habits, frame it in such a way that you do tell them you're a different person. Tell them that you know you need to be successful and state the qualities. Point out how much your GPA has improved. I know you can't read your reference letters since they're sealed, but if you trust your professors enough, you can tell them that you're sure that your professors would agree with how you've framed yourself. -For the SOP, research is key. Make sure you know what is going on in the field.
  2. I heard back from the University of Toronto today
  3. Hi arnamoy, It'll be more convenient to live on campus, but if you do choose to live off campus I'd choose a place near an LRT station. The LRT comes once every 5-10 minutes during peak hours and every 15 minutes after 5 or 6PM. The transit system is okay, but there are certain buses that only come once every 30 minutes or once per hour. There is one thing to keep in mind though: if you choose to live on campus, be prepared to do a little bit of walking. I can't recall any on-campus residences that are near the CS building (if that's where your classes will be located). If you don't have one already, you'll want to invest in a very warm winter jacket. It starts snowing at the end of October and winter doesn't end until the end of April to the beginning of May. Let me know if you need more information.
  4. I can also see that happening to me. I'm glad you've been admitted into their program, lil_kiwi.
  5. I did one of my degrees at the University of Alberta and also got accepted into the program I applied for. I love the university. People are extremely friendly and helpful. From what I remember, the CS department is really well known. Congrats!
  6. Without a doubt. All week, I was so happy for everyone who had received an e-mail of acceptance but I also thought to myself "What did I possibly do wrong on my application?" and was pretty low all day yesterday. I hate it when these things get to us but c'est la vie, right? I also have the financial aspect of the program to consider, but I think bathing in happiness is better for my soul right now. Please pardon my rudeness. This thread is turning out to be a very UBC-SLAIS centered thread. Congrats to all who have been accepted to Illinois. It's an amazing program. That was the US program I really wanted to apply for, but the cost for international students scared me too much to even give it a go.
  7. I got notice as well. They've given me the option to choose to be admitted in September or January. Good job, everyone! I hope to see you all there!
  8. Congratulations! I haven't heard anything from UBC myself, but, regardless, I'm super happy for you since it's such an excellent program Woot! Great job!
  9. (stands) My name is falling_leaves and I am currently checking my e-mail and the GradCafe forum for any hint of a reply from unnamed dream university. It is almost midnight. I have to read 3 pages of what is known as "one of the greatest Chinese classics," but all I can think about is "Admit me please." I will be sleeping in about 1 hour and won't have time to go online until at least 16 1/2 hours later. Thank God for my new love of bettering myself through music.
  10. I applied to a double degree program and was told that I will not be admitted to that program. Instead, the admissions committee for that program has recommended my application to the committee that will decide on who is admitted into one of the single degree programs. What does this mean? I always thought that if I wasn't accepted into the one I appled to, then I'll have to apply the following year. Does that mean that my application wasn't good enough for one program but good enough for another? Should I just re-apply next year?
  11. Congrats to all who have been accepted to the University of Washington!
  12. Congratulations! I'm sure you'll enjoy it at UAlberta. All the professors are extremely kind and intelligent. You picked a very good program!
  13. I completely agree. That's actually what makes me commend Canadian MLIS programs even more. All the Canadian universities that I applied to reply really quickly. Usually less than 24 hours. If it takes longer than that, they always explain why and it's ALWAYS for a really good reason.
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