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...secondary consideration, anyone?


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Is it common/possible for the comittees reviewing your application to recommend you to another program, regardless of whether or not you applied to a joint program?

The reason I ask is because I have a double major in Psych and Women's Studies. I applied to three joint programs, and for the remaining five programs, I applied to just Psychology. However, my research is strongly interdisciplinary, as I focus on the role of gender in my research. Does anyone know if it is possible that, if I was rejected from a Psychology program, I might be recommended to a Women's Studies program?

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wow... so many views, yet no replies...

Probably because nobody really knows.

I know some posters have said that they were rejected from PhD programs and recommended for Master's, but they have always been in the same field. I think it all depends on the communication between the departments. If the psychology department doesn't have a lot of overlap with the Women's Studies program, then they are unlikely to discuss applicants. It also depends on how "caring" the Psych department is. After all, you applied to THEIR program, and all they are really obligated to do is accept or deny you, not necessarily give you guidance as to your fit elsewhere in the university. Also, think of the Women's studies department. After they receive your file from the Psych department, depending on their outlook, they might not like the fact that you didn't seek them out in the first place, like they are your second choice. When they ask you that question, "why did you apply to this program?", they know that your answer has been formulated after your rejection to the Psych program and your referral to their's.

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I think it varies by program and school, but I don't think it is common. It also seems that the programs/disciplines have to be super closely related for this to happen, and I wouldn't assume that Psych and Women's Studies have that close of a relationship at every school [it would depend, I think, on how interdisciplinary and/or focused on social sciences a school's women's studies program is.] Basically, except for applications to joint programs, I wouldn't count on having your application recommended to a program other than the one that you applied to. Sorry. :(

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