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NYU M.S. Publishing vs. Newhouse PR/Advertising


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Hey all. I was admitted into the M.S. in Publishing program at NYU (SCPS) as well as both a masters in PR and advertising at Syracuse. Each of the masters programs at Syracuse are 1 year, and the Masters in Publishing at NYU is 2.

Anyone know which school has the better reputation, or what prospects for jobs are like after completing the programs? I am interested in either publishing or PR but I can't decide! Any help is so appreciated.

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Well I don't know about Syracuse, but I just got accepted to NYU M.S. Publishing. I applied because I know members of the faculty have worked in the industry and have good connections with publishing houses in New York City. I'm sure working with the program's faculty will give you a boost into the publishing industry.

I guess it depends on where you want to focus your studies. I know you aren't decided between publishing and PR, but once you make that decision then the rest may be easier.

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I moved to NYC right after I finished undergrad to attend the NYU Summer Publishing Institute- a 2 month long program. We went to the same career fairs as the masters candidates and ended up taking the same jobs-- despite not having any experience. I worked at a big publishing house for a year and a half and never heard of anyone I worked with having bothered to get their masters in publishing. I would seriously consider whether or not you need this degree to get the job you want-- are they giving you funding? What percentage of graduates get jobs within the first 6 months of graduation? Are they able to skip the basic, entry level positions? If you're interested in editorial, your starting job is an editorial assistant regardless of your education level. I don't know how it works in other departments, but I'd assume that work experience is more highly valued than a degree. If you decide you absolutely can't live with out a masters in publishing, Pace has a program that is significantly cheaper, so at least you won't be in debt when you finally get your entry level position. I don't know anything about PR or advertising. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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