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SIPA Advice

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I posted this elsewhere, but I'd like to hear what people here have to say.

I applied to SIPA earlier this year and was accepted on March 12. The deadline to accept the offer was April 21. I was in Israel for Passover the week of the 21st. Believe it or not, it slipped my mind that the deadline was that week. But...at the top of the admissions page, where you find the acceptance letter, under "Deadlines," it says that "when a deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date becomes the next business day." I contacted the admissions office the next business day following the Passover holiday, and explained to them my situation. I was told that the MPA class was completely full. I then asked that, since the class was full, my acceptance be deferred for a year. They said, no, only students that respond by the 21st could defer. Now, I realize that I dropped the ball here, but I do feel that the "Deadlines" clause at the top of the page gives me some ground to stand on. Should I try and press my case with admissions? And if so, how should I go about doing that without pissing off admissions? I'd really appreciate any help that you guys could offer.

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