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Stanford MS&E vs Yale MEM


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I've been accepted to Stanford's MS in MS&E (Without funding) and Yale's F&ES' MEM (possibly with funding), and I'm quite unsure about where to go. I'm coming straight out of undergrad with no work experience but plenty of research experience (I do have a couple of full time jobs lined up).

My short term goal is to either take up a job in environmental consulting/venture capital/environmental policy making or continue on to a PhD program based on whether or not academia suits me. I'm not very sure about my long term goals, but I'm hoping that they build on my short term ones. I'm not ruling out an MBA if I need it (Ive interviewed with HBS 2+2 before, but was dinged).

* I was hoping you guys could help me decide which would work better - Stanford or Yale? I'd like your opinions in scenarios where funding is an issue as well as where it is not.

* Both schools offer joint programs with their law schools/public policy schools - how easy would it be to integrate into those schools from my home school?

* Would a campus visit help?


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Unless you're independently wealthy, you're talking about borrowing maybe $50,000 vs. $0, and getting paid a stipend to boot. Given that Yale is not exactly dog food as a school, you'd be well advised to take the money and run.

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Thanks @polarscribe.

I agree that Yale is not really a safety. However, if I completely disregard the tuition issue, then what? Does Stanford still stand out? Also, wouldn't 50K be compensated in a couple of years with a Stanford degree (I believe that Yale MEM doesn't generally place you in the high-paying spectrum)?

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Again, are you rich? That's the only reason anyone should disregard the tuition issue. If you can afford to go wherever, do it. But I suspect, based on you asking here, that you're not.

You'd be paying $600 per month for the next 10 years, or a total of $70,000 - at best. Any undergraduate debt? Pile it on top.

Yale has the first forestry school in the US and is well-respected in the environmental policy/management realm.

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The money is an issue, only if I am unwilling to reach out to my parents for financial help. With a grad degree, I am a little less inclined to take that path.

Other than that, at this point, I'm curious as to whether Stanford would be able to place me at better environmental think-tanks/consulting organizations than Yale

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