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Stanford Mechanical Fall 2011


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I applied to Stanford ME (masters, but phD track) and have yet to hear back from them. Anybody else in this position? From the results section, it looks like the department sent out a ton of masters acceptances a couple of weeks ago, but hasn't sent out any rejections. Is it likely that anybody that hasn't heard by now will be rejected?

In looking at the results section history, it seems the rejections are usually sent out at the end of march, with few exceptions.

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I guess all admits have already been sent. The admit day is on April 1 and I don't expect any more admits. I along with 4 of my friends had got the acceptance email around 9th March.

Well if thats the case, they should be sending rejections out any day now. Its really inconsiderate to be sending out the rejections so much later than the acceptances.

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